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Once the required tasks have been completed, please fill out the fields below to enter the JOOPS Airdrop. Only participants that provide valid information will be considered, completing all the required tasks does not guarantee success.

Airdrop in JOOPS Token


How to Participate

Users must perform a series of tasks to be eligible for consideration for the JOOPS airdrop.

1) Add JOOPS to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

2) Add JOOPS to your Coingecko watchlist:

3) Follow JOOPS CMC community page:

Like, comment, and share the last 5 posts on the JOOPS CMC community page 

4) Join the JOOPS Telegram group:

5) Follow:

Like, comment, and share the last 5 Twitter posts

Retweet and quote the message:

$JOOPS The Meme with a Dream! #RWA #Memecoin @Joopsrwa and tag 3 friends

Note: JOOPS is solely responsible for selecting and distributing assets to the winners. JOOPS will choose winners from verified users every Friday at 17:00 UTC and airdrop JOOPS to the winner's registered wallet addresses. The airdrop will continue every Friday until all allocated Joops tokens have been distributed to 600 winners. The Airdrop wallet will made public to ensure transparency

*"The valuation of the 500,000,000 Joops tokens airdrop reward is determined by a projected market capitalization of 1 million dollars anticipated at the end of the reward distribution."

There will be no losers! Even if you are not one of the lucky 600 winners
you will still receive a free bonus Airdrop

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