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  • Brand Marketing

  • influencer collaboration

  • Onboard industry leading advisors

  • T.G.E.

  • Fast track CMC + CG

  • CEX listing

  • Initiate scooter production

  • Joops App development

  • The staking platform goes live

  • Nft minting platform development

     Stage 01
  • Manufacturing process completed

  • The Nft minting platform goes live

  • Release 300 Joops Nft’s

  • Quality control + Beta testing

  • The Joops App beta testing complete

  • New website design

  • Recruit social media marketing experts

     Stage 02
  • Joops scooters deployed in London

  • The Joops App goes live

  • The Nft minting platform goes live

  • Huge marketing campaign

  • Joops charging economy goes live

  • Nft holders start earning scooter rental revenue

  • Additional CEX listings

     Stage 03

Asset Utility

Joops NFT is programmed to pay 50% of the monthly rental revenue earned from the physical scooter that it represents, embodying the value of real-world assets.   

When the NFT's 1-year rental contract expires 5% of Joops profits will be converted into Joops token every quarter and shared equally to qualifying  NFT holders 

Joops token is deflationary with quarterly buybacks and burns funded by 5% of Joops profits. The more we earn, the more we burn

Joops tokens have real-world utility as they will be accepted as payment for rental sessions unlocking exclusive discounts to token holders

Stake your Joops tokens and earn up to 100% A.P.Y. plus qualify to participate in key governance votes relating to the Joops ecosystem

Joops tokens aren't just digital assets – they're the keys to a realm where real-world profits and crypto dreams collide. Welcome to the future

We're giving away 3 NFTs to the top 3 JOOPS token holders

JOOPS is the key to real-world profits and crypto dreams

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The Memewith a Dreamto Connectthe worldthroughr.w.a.

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Buckle up, fellow crypto enthusiasts!  We're on a wild ride to conquer the E-scooter rental cosmos with our mind-blowing RWA tokenization model! Picture becoming the Uber of E-scooter rentals but with a rocket strapped to our back. Join the revolution, where E-scooters meet crypto dreams. Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a cosmic joyride! 




50% of  Supply Sold in Presale 

25% Supply Locked in Liquidity

15% of Supply 
Community building Airdrop

10% of Supply 
Staking Rewards

Team Tokens

Anti-Whale Zero Seed or VC Sales

Impartial distribution! Everyone gets a fair shot!

🛴 Joops will launch with 300 electric rental scooters nestled in the vibrant streets of the U.K. After each successful launch, we will continue to deploy our scooters in every major city across the globe.


When we build each scooter, 🛠️ we will create a unique NFT that represents proof of ownership for that specific scooter. This isn't your ordinary NFT; It has been programmed with a smart contract that funnels 50% of the assigned scooter's monthly rental revenue directly into the pockets of the NFT holder. 💰 Each unique NFT represents proof of ownership and demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that blends the physical and digital worlds. This revenue-sharing model transforms NFT holders into business partners, fostering a sense of community and shared success. 

For example, you could live in the U.S. and earn money from a rented scooter in London by simply owning a Joops NFT. We take care of all the logistics, making it a hassle-free way for NFT owners worldwide to earn a passive income. 🌐 

Community Sale

5 Billion

Fair Launch


1.5 Billion

C.B. Airdrop

Staking Rewards

1 Billion


Liquidity Pool

2.5 Billion




100% Community



Community driven


JOOPS utility/ governance each has a
Total Supply: 10 Billion Tokens

Intel® A.I. Computer vision The Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X Vision Processing Unit (VPU) with Neural Compute Engine delivers outstanding performance in computer vision and deep neural network inferencing applications. The Neural Compute Engine enables the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU to reach over 1 TOPS of compute performance on deep neural networks inferences. The Movidius family of VPUs provides a unique, flexible architecture for image processing, computer vision, and deep neural networks. The technology framework helps our developers focus on the processing, leaving data flow optimization to the tools. A.I. Pedestrian & Obstacle Detection Joops scooters will use A.I. Computer vision to detect pedestrians and obstacles that enter a critical distance causing the scooter to automatically decelerate to a safe speed while simultaneously emitting a beep to alert pedestrians of the scooter's presence avoiding the risk of collision. Once A.I. Vision detects that the congestion has cleared the scooter's speed restriction will be removed. A.I. Sidewalk Riding Detection Joops computer vision A.I. Enables road/sidewalk/cycle lane recognition. Once a rider mounts such a restricted area, the scooter will emit a beep to encourage the rider to move to a more suitable area. If the scooter is not returned to an unrestricted area within 30 seconds the scooter will be automatically slowed to a halt which we call limp mode. The rider will have to dismount the scooter and manually push it back to an unrestricted area before it will return to electric-powered use. This will provide us with much greater control over where our scooters are being used. Crowdsourced A.I. Vision Data Joops A.I. Computer vision will help turn our fleets into mobile sensor networks, capable of detecting, monitoring, and reporting key parameters such as lane blockages, monitoring road conditions, heat mapping of sidewalks, and critical city infrastructure monitoring. A.I. Parking Compliance Joops uses A.I. Powered parking solutions to cater to different city environments and regulations. The computer vision A.I. Enabled parking verification algorithm creates irrefutable and real-time ‘virtual docks’ for operators, using predefined visual clues for e,g painted markings on the ground, whether that be operator bay markings or an existing city car park space with scooter signage. Our A.I. Technology ensures that riders park their scooters correctly in virtual docks, at the end of each ride.

Open Source Infrastructure The Joops scooter uses battery-powered embedded hardware that contains WiFi, GPS, A.I. Computer vision, a digital interface, and an electronic lock/ unlock switch. An I.o.T device is also installed so that it can enable/disable power to the scooter’s motor, It’s also responsible for generating a QR code. This QR code contains information such as geolocation, recipient wallet address, and rental rate in Joops token or the local fiat currency using debit/ credit cards. (There will be extra incentives when using the Joops token as payment i.e discounted rental rate) A rental session is initiated by scanning the QR code and sending a Rental Start transaction to the Bridgechain. Once the Rental Start transaction is received and forged by the Bridgechain, an event is emitted, triggering the scooter's IoT hardware to unlock the scooter for use. When the rental session is done the scooter will automatically lock, making it available for the next customer to rent. Mobile App The Joops App is the primary interface for users and works on both iOS and Android. This simple front-end design is how the end-user or scooter renter, will interact with the entire process. In a nutshell, it’s how a user rents a scooter and views the details of their ride from their phone app. A user initiates a rental using the mobile app to scan a QR code generated by the scooter's I.o.T device. After scanning the QR code, a user sets the duration of their ride based on a predetermined fee and signs the transaction. Once the Rental Start transaction is sent to the Bridgechain and subsequently forged/validated, an event is sent in real-time to the scooter. The I.o.T device then unlocks the scooter so the user can have some fun! The Joops Mobile App also comes with some cool features like monitoring real-time Bridgechain events, and native dark mode on iOS. Custom Bridgechain Important information about the state of the scooter is stored on a custom Bridgechain, this information includes scooter registration and rental status, as well as information pertaining to geolocation and rental duration. Other rules, such as fees and whether or not a rider can receive a refund for unused time, will also be configured. All of this is done through the use of the Generic Transaction Interface (GTI). GTI is a developer template to make custom transaction types without having to modify the Core framework. GTI inherently has a much lower level of complexity compared to Core and helps accelerate development and distribution. Joops project relies on the following 3 custom transaction types: Scooter Registration - This is where the Nft owner can register their scooter hire contract and make the hardware (electric scooter) available for rental. Rental Start Transaction - sent by the user, a Rental Start transaction is initiated by scanning the scooter QR Code via the Joops Mobile App. Rental Finish Transaction - A Rental Finish transaction is sent from the scooter I.o.T hardware once a ride is completed. Any unused fees are automatically refunded to the user's wallet address. Alongside custom transactions, Socket Event Forwarder a custom core plugin has also been developed and implemented to emit real-time events via web sockets to connected clients. This is used to send real-time updates to the Mobile App. Management Dashboard This dashboard is responsible for providing the real-time status of registered hardware on the Blockchain network and also aids in debugging and development of the embedded hardware and firmware. It is created using an open-source platform for data collection and visualization. This enables connectivity to devices through many common I.o.T protocols such as MQTT and HTTP. Node-RED is used for data processing and mapping, It is a flow-based programming tool that allows for rapid prototyping and connectivity of I.o.T devices. MQTT is the primary off-chain protocol used for communication between the blockchain, Scooter devices, and the analytics dashboard. The Core MQTT plugin sends real-time updates between the Bridgechain and the Analytics Dashboard, as well as the scooter, using the MQTT Protocol.

Joops Charging Economy Joops Charging Economy is all about keeping our electric scooters charged and ready to go. We will utilize independent contractors i.e. regular people, like yourself, to collect and charge our scooters interchangeable batteries. As a Joops charger, you can collect our scooter batteries, charge them at your home or office, and then return them back to the scooters. Base pay is $5 for capturing, charging, and returning the battery back to each scooter.

Our BSC-based utility token offers tangible benefits and supports a deflationary economy, while our Solana-based governance token empowers you to lead in innovation and decision-making. It’s a dual-token economy that’s as enjoyable as it is profitable!

JOOPS Utility Token
Enjoy exclusive discounts on scooter rentals and watch your investment flourish with our deflationary model, which includes buybacks and burns driven by our profits. Plus, seize the chance to stake your tokens and potentially earn up to 100% A.P.Y. Prepare for some exciting gains!

JOOPS Governance Token
It lets you actively influence JOOPS' future. Cast your vote on important decisions and propose innovative ideas. Owning our governance token comes with fantastic perks! Stake your tokens to unlock exclusive rewards and benefits within the JOOPS ecosystem, such as additional governance tokens, special discounts on scooter rentals, and VIP access to community events. It's rewarding in every sense!

The Future of Fun and Finance








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